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The Studio Intelligence team can provide deep insights from the Studio System's robust database of film revenue and cost estimates. Get detailed information on a specific feature or compare performance of multiple features by release year, genre, etc.

We will work closely with you to create a report that fits your needs. Sample reports include Film, FRCE, ROI, DVD sales, digital sales, audience analysis reports, business plans, and more.

Example data fields:
  • Max U.S. Screens
  • Negative Cost
  • Print & Advertising Costs (Domestic/International)
  • Total Gross (Domestic/International)
  • DVD Sales (Domestic/International)
  • Digital Sales
  • Pay TV Revenue (Domestic/International)
  • Free TV Revenue (Domestic/International)

Please include required turnaround time in your report request.

  • Please tell us about what type of information you are looking for (data points, urgency, etc.). Our team will reach out shortly to get specific details.